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Corporate name of the operating companySARL TEE TIME

Phone+33(0)4 94 55 75 73
Share capital: 2 000€
Individual VAT numberFR81825370695
SIRET number825 370 695 RCS FREJUS

By  accessing this website, you are informed that the use of Internet requires the respect of a set of legislations related to copyright and Database and Privacy law. TEE TIME cannot incur any liability for errors or omissions, the editor reserves the right to edit, refresh the data of the website at any time.

In application of the French Code of Intellectual Property, the reproduction for an usage other than private, the sell, the distribution, issue, adapt or communication, complete or partial, of data (design, layout, photos, texts and illustrations protected by copyright) are subject to the specific, written agreement, in advance, of those responsible for internet rights.

All users having directly or indirectly supplied personal information has a right of access and change in accordance to the law n° 7817 du 6/01/78 (Computing and Freedom) and may request changes and access to the administrator.

Identity of the controller
The website is edited by the operating company for which personal details are below.  
The access to the website and the use of its content are made in accordance with the legal notice described below.
Nature of personal data 
By « personal data » we mean all personal information that you allow to share with the operating company and which can allow the latter, directly or indirectly , to identify you as a physical person, for example during a visit of the website, through a data form, an online booking or any other services.
The personal data collected
You can be asked to communicate your personal date when visiting the website of the operating company.
The mandatory or optional nature of required data is stated when collecting the data by an asterisk « * ». Required data indicated with an asterisk are mandatory by being essential for the treatment of your diverse requests. Others information are dedicated to know you better, improve the services offered. In consequence, they are optional.
The operating company may collect and treat you name, surname, email address, billing address, phone number, IP address, connections and navigation data, your preferences and interests, your online advices.

When are you personal data collected

  • You are visiting the website (IP address and Cookies) and consulting products or services;
  • You share observations/comments to the operating company in some sections of the site, via questionnaires or contact forms, official profile on social networks of the operating company;
  • You send an email to the operating company;
  • You subscribe to the newsletter;
  • You share a page or offer by sending an email or via social network;
  • You answer a satisfaction survey;
  • You ask for a quotation.

Data storage
Information collected are stored in our different booking systems on sage and SSL certified databases.
This database includes: clients’ name, their address, phone numbers, position, company’s name and credit card information. We can also register other information such as your preferences related to the course, meals, drinks and other services, your stay history in our establishment.
Collect’s goals for operating company
Through this website, the operating company collects data about you and which are expressly necessary for the following goals:

  1. In order to manage your information and booking demands and loyalty program;
  2. To improve and customize the company’s services in order to facilitate your visit on the website;
  3. To manage and follow the entire client relationship;
  4. Manage the subscription to news and special offers of the operating company (newsletter);
  5. To manage all your access requests according to the dedicated legislation;
  6. Manage the unpaid and disputes;
  7. Manage the applications related to job offers of the operating company which caught your attention, or any unsolicited applications;
  8. The quality and satisfaction measurement.

Considering the lack of answers to the mandatory information asked, you request would not be taken into account.
Company’s commitments in terms of personal data protection
Transparency and goal:

Any personal date is or will be collected without your knowledge. The mandatory or optional nature of the information to communicate to the operating company through the website will be indicated by an asterisk « * ». The operating company collects and treats your personal data only for the goals mentioned in this legal notice.
Proportionality and adequacy
The operating company collects and treats only personal data necessary for the treatment of your demand or the personalization of offered services.
Storage time of data:
The operating company keeps your personal data only for a necessary treatment period necessary in accordance to the dedicated law.
Security et confidentiality
The operating company undertakes to take all the necessary measures to guarantee the data confidentiality and not disclose to unauthorized third parties.
We can be leaded to transmit your personal data to local government, if this is required by the law or through an investigation and in accordance with the local regulation
As for many websites, some information are automatically registered via a protocol. Those information included the IP address, the type of navigator used, the internet service provider, the favorite pages and final pages, the operating system, the date, the time and the Clickstream data.
Cookies do not register information provided by users during an online booking or client account registration. Cookies identify your navigator more than yourself et cannot be sufficient to reveal your identity.

Respect of your rights
You are advised of your questioning, access, editing and objection rights, for legitimate reasons  as well as you objection right for commercial prospection in accordance to the law n°78-17 of January 6th 1978.
Access, editing and objection rights:
In accordance to the law n° 78-17 of the January 6th 1978, related to Computing, data and freedom, you can benefit of an access, editing and objection right regarding all information for which you are concerned, through a written demand. You can as well, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of your personal data.
To exercise one of such rights and be informed about all information as far as you are concerned, please contact the operating company for which all contact details are accessible at the beginning of this legal notice.

When visiting the website, some information related to your terminal navigation may be registered in files called « Cookies », installed in your terminal, subject to the choices you made concerning the cookies, you can change those choices at any time
A cookie is a small text file registered in a dedicated space of your hard disk, following the visit of an online service thanks to your navigation software. It allows its transmitter to identify the terminal in which it is registered during the validity or registering period of the cookie
Cookies that the operating company releases are used for the following goals, during the validity period the concerned cookie, subject to your choices resulting of the settings of your software, used when visiting the website and that you can edit at any time in your settings.
Cookies of partners (tiers cookies) can be placed in your computer via pages of the website.
Only the emitter is able to read or edit the information in this document. Different types of cookies are used on the website, they have different goals. Some are necessary to your use of the website

Analytics cookies
They are cookies allowing the operating company to:

  • Generate statistics and different elements composing the website (sections and contents visited, path) in order to improve the navigation experience offered;
  • Account for the total amount of displayed ads by the company on advertising spaces, identify those ads, the number of displays, number of clicks and navigation information.

Example of analytics cookies

  • _ga     Analytics : registering of navigation data
  • __utm Analytics : registering of navigation data
  • _gac   Campaign : registering of navigation data of advertising campaigns

Social networks cookies and plug-in (social buttons)
The operating company might include on its website content sharing tools with other person or to make those other people know about your visit or your opinion regarding a content of our website. This is the case of « Share », « Like » buttons coming from social network such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
The operating company does not have any control on the process used by social networks regarding data collect.

  • Facebook Connect : connection by using your Facebook account
  • Facebook Social Graph : page sharing on Facebook
  • Linkedin : page sharing on LinkedIn
  • Instagram : page sharing on Instagram

Cookies and machine’s ID for transaction security goals
When ordering, we inform you that the operating company, or the agents working in its name, can use cookies or collect information related to your terminal and especially information (security technical attributes) necessary to the recognition of equipment (desktop, tablet, mobile phone) in order to make possible the identification of your equipment to secure the transaction in your interest.
Advertising cookies
Advertising contents (graphic design, animation, videos, etc.) relayed in advertising areas of the operating company may contain cookies emitted by tiers who can allow during the validity period of cookies, to account clicks, but as well offer you more adapted ads depending on your navigation behavior, interests and preferences.
Declining advertising cookies does not impact the use of the website and will not stop ads in the website or in Internet. It will only display ads without taking into account your interests or preferences.
Those cookies depend mainly on advertising department. We cannot do a comprehensive list:

  • AdWords : the purchase of keywords displayed on Google
  • Facebook Custom Audience
  • publicité ciblée : registering of the navigation path

Advertising targeting
The website might contain cookies emitted by tiers (agencies and advertising tools) and may allow those latter, during the validity period of this cookie to collect navigation data related to the devices visiting our websites, but as well to offer you advertising contents that might answer your previous navigation on the website.
In no way, this data collect allows those agents to identify you personally. You name, surname, user’s name, address, email address and password are transmitted to tiers without your prior and explicit consent.
Your choices related to cookies
Many possibilities are offered to manage cookies. Any setting that you can do can affect your navigation in the Internet and you access condition to some services for which the use of cookies is necessary.
Choices offered your navigation software
You can customize you internet navigator (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.…) so your cookies can be registered  or declined in your terminal.
Declining cookies 
If you decline the registering of cookies, some functions such as identification/ connection to your personal space, personalization of your navigation (language preferences for example) won’t be available anymore.
The operating company declines the responsibility for any consequences linked to the damaged running of its services and functions due to the rejection of the cookie.
How to set your choices depending on your navigator?
To manage cookies and choices, the setting of each navigator is different. Management is described in the help menu which allows you to know how to edit your choices in term of cookie management.
For Internet Explorer™ :
In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button and then on Internet Options. Under the General tab, under the navigation history, click on settings. Click on the button Display the files. Click on the header of the column Name to filter the file in alphabetical order, then find the file starting by “Cookie” (all the cookies have this prefix and contain usually the name of the website which has created the cookie). Select cookie(s) containing the name of the operating company and delete them. Close the window displaying the list of files and click twice on OK to go back to Internet Explorer.
For Safari™ :
In your navigator, choose Edition > Preferences. Click on Security and on Display cookies. Select cookies containing the name of the operating company and click on delete or delete all. After deleting cookies, click on Finish.
For Chrome™ :
Open Google Chrome. In the toolbar of the navigator, click on More. Place your mouse on More Tools and click on Delete the navigation data. In the window « Delete the navigation data », tick the Cookies and data of other sites or plug-in and Images and files in the cache. Use the menu at the top to select the quantity of data you want to delete. Select « Since the beggining » to delete everything. Ckick on Delete the navigation data.
For Firefox™ :
Go into the « Tools » tab of the navigator and select the menu “Options”. In the window displayed, choose « Personal privacy » and click on « Delete specifics cookies”. Find the files containing the name of the operating company. Select them and delete them.
For further information related to cookies
The operating company invites you to visit the CNIL website at the following link